Holmes and students talk tattoos

By Datota Whitlock

Holmes and other students;

What does your tattoo mean to you?

rachel's tattoo cmyk 300Rachel Holmes said “It means a lot because I have wanted it since I was 16. I use to like the Lumineers and the quote is in one of their songs, ‘this too shall pass’, and it always stuck with me. And, the quote is in my grandma’s handwriting, and my grandma is like a best friend to me.”

Do they look trashy?rachel with tatoo.JPG

Holmes: “No I think they are becoming more accepted in the workplace.”
Perspective of students without tattoos
Alexis Hash: “I think tattoos are really acceptable, they have really cool designs, so if someone had a sleeve, I would have to get up close and really see what is in it. It is not really on me to decide if it is representable or not.”
Ainsley McGinn: “It all depends on the design.”

Dr. Procter’s take;

Do they affect your outward appearance in a positive or negative way?
Dr. Christian Proctor: “Yes, I think so. But for a positive or negative way it depends on the tattoo and depends on where you are. If you are a musician or something like that then it is pretty just part of the course, or you are making surf boards in Sothern California, there are a lot of cultures where a tattoo is not a bad thing and in some ways it an admirable thing. Now there are other areas in your life where a tattoo is going to be a hindrance, but it still depends what the tattoo is. If you have a little tattoo on your wrist or some little Chinese characters or something like that is a little different than having a hole cape.”
Are they a waste of money?
Dr. Proctor: “They would have to make you feel really god for them not to be a waste of money. If you think about it, do you really need a tattoo? No, because by definition it is not a useful use of your money. But, if it makes you feel better or you like the way it looks, it reminds you of a fun time or something like that then maybe you get some joy out of it so it is not so wasteful.”


My Tattoo;

My tattoo is of a trinity knot. I got it for my great-grandfather who was Celtic and Christian so the knot falls into two of the many pieces of his background. I have wanted a tattoo since I was 5, and sitting down and thinking about it I decided to represent my great-grandfather.

dakotas tattoo greyscale 300


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